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Endless photo clutter? No more with Gaia! Where traditional online file storage systems limit themselves to only storing photos, we go a step further by tagging your photos with subjects. Be amazed by the possibilities.



Endless looking for that one photo that you surely knew existed? Use our powerful search algorithm to search for photos by subject, color, or even time. Would you prefer to have a photo in portrait? Or a close-up photo? Explore and use more photos than ever before!


Found your photo, but not delivered in the right sizes by your content creator? Gaia resizes all your photos in the desired format. Individually or in batches. Uploading the largest photo to Gaia is sufficient for every size. And with one tick in the box we also add a watermark to your photos. Ideal for your brandidentity both on- and offline.

Social media


There it is! Your photo. Sad to leave this in our platform. Therefore choose to share your photo per link or email. Limit the size within your share. Or add a watermark to your photos.


Be in full control with who gets access to your content. In addition to external sharing, you can add as many users as you want to our system. Not in the mood of sharing your full catalogue? Share a selection with a link or with an email.

Toegang beheer

Backup in the Cloud

Forget loose hard disks or an ever-expanding server and place everything in the cloud! Make adjustments or send photos on the go! You just log in. Everywhere you are with an internet connection, you can access your Gaia!

Let the games begin

Gaia vs. the Rest

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Build for photos
Unlimited Users
Powerful Search
Batch Resize & Watermark
Easy Management
Privately Stored
Safely stored in the Netherlands
No Data Analysis
Manage all your photos and discover the ease of Gaia

Fast, safe and secure

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