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Gaia was born out of the love for photography, videos and saving time. It’s the #1 online platform to manage your media. Our features range from tagging, sharing, resizing, watermarking and so much more! Save loads of time by using Gaia, so you can focus more on what’s really important.. Not convinced yet? Get to know all features! (preferably whilst imagining David Attenborough’s voice)

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Saves Time

Nobody likes digging through archives. That's why we invented Gaia. Tag your photos and all your content is easy accessible for your entire company.


With our powerful search algorithms and processing servers no photo is too big to handle. Batch export multiple photos with a watermark you desire.


We take security seriously. Backupped in our encrypted cloud and safely stored in 2 data centres in the Netherlands. Your media is safe as you'd expect.

Lightning Fast

No matter how many photos you upload to Gaia. We stay fast. You hate loading screens, and so do we. Be amazed how quick you'll browse through your photos!

Built for Photos

Gaia is built by photographers. We saw the struggle with thousands of photos and we came with the solution.

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Need any help? Let us know! No matter what, we're happy to help. Try it!

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