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Endless photo clutter? Not anymore with Gaia! We do not only safely store your photos, like most traditional storage systems, we take it to a whole new level by adding tags, our powerful search algorithm, batch resizing & watermarking, sharing and so much more. You can even request Content Creators to upload their media directly to your Gaia, without granting them access to your full account. Just imagine how much time you will save!


Can’t find that one specific photo you surely knew existed? We’ve all been there. But thanks to our powerful search algorithm you can filter your media by subject or by using tags. Looking for something red? No problem, our filter can search by colour faster than you can click it (try it). How about portrait? Easy, choose your orientation and voila! Close-up you say? Our algorithm can even filter by focal length. The possibilities are endless. Explore and use more photos than ever before!


Finally found the right photo, but it’s not in the right size? Never again, because not only does Gaia help you find your photos in an instant, you can also export them all in your desired format and with or without adding a watermark. Individually and in batch! How’s that for high speed brand identity?


Even though your photos will love Gaia, it’s sad to just leave them there. That’s why you can choose to share your photos by link or email. You can even resize them within your share and add a watermark to your photos, individually or by bulk! Oh, and what’s even more amazing is that you can choose the special gallery option to upgrade your share’s presentation.


You are in complete control of your Gaia and who has access to your photos. Unlike other digital asset management systems, Gaia allows the addition of unlimited team members, no extra charges! In addition to external sharing, you can add as many users to our system as you like. Not in the mood to grant someone access, but you still need their photos? No problem, just use our Request function to let them upload the media directly to your Gaia. All you need to do is wait for the goodies to arrive!

In the cloud

Forget using different hard disks and losing them all the time, or an ever-expanding sever. Just upload everything in the cloud! Gaia offers extremely safe lifetime online storage to all. Make adjustments or send photos on the go. You can log in whenever, wherever!

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