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It’s pretty sad you know. You shot such beautiful photos, but they will never be seen by others or they somehow get lost in the huge clutter of folders, photo’s, edited photos, etc. Digital Asset Management (DAM) software helps you and does so much more. Read on, we’ll tell you something amazing.

The problem with managing media

Storing your media offline is not a good idea. It’s hard to create an efficient structure. Your drive crashes, you don’t know where a certain file is stored, etc. It’s also not great for working with your clients. One client doesn’t use Dropbox and demands you send media via WeTransfer, others expect you to use Dropbox… Collaborating isn’t efficient and it’s also not completely safe. Also, there is always that employee that forgets to store media in shared folders.

That’s why media companies are increasingly working in the cloud. Marketers, webshops and other professionals often look for a Digital Asset management software to organize media and simplify collaboration. Share links with your employees, partners clients and decide who has which rights. Also, these links don’t expire, so you’ll never have to ask for a new link.

You have a huge amount of data, probably a few terabytes. A lot of professionals have these saved on several external drives, because it doesn’t fit on one. Here is where the chaos starts. With a Digital Asset Management software it’s easy to give your media tags so you’ll find any file within seconds.

Our Digital Asset Management software offers lots of functionalities. With our powerful filter, it’s easy to look based on color, focal length, type of photo (our software recognizes if a photo is a portrait, etc.). You collaborate easily via shared links and you decide who gets which rights your employee, client or partner has. You easily select which formats to use for storing media and you’ll never be frustrated over a crashed drive again.

What makes online Digital Asset Management software so great?

Well, don’t get me started! Online DAM software has a lot of advantages. First of all, all media is in one, central storage. You won’t have to work with multiple physical drives. You can tag your media. For example, name of your client/project, type of media, color, location, goals, etc. This makes organizing a lot simpler.

Digital Asset Management software, as you know, has some additional functionalities. Exporting in the extension you need, add tags, share and determine rights, etc. Online DAM software has the advantage of continuous development. You don’t need to purchase new software once the current software is outdated. Online Digital Asset Management software is automatically updated and always state of the art.

Also, since the DAM software is online, you can even check out projects of other professionals to see what they’re doing. You can create beautiful galleries with your work to show it to potential prospects.

What is a good DAM software?

Well, you got to our website, so you know we’re going to tell you our Digital Asset Management software is great. Let us tell you some of our functionalities, you decide if you need it:

  1. Optimal security: We’ve got backups running. So don’t worry that your data isn’t accessible, it always is. So you’ll never have to deal with a crashed drive again;
  2. Tags & organizing: Our DAM software has great options for organizing your media;
  3. Search & Find: Thanks to a powerful algorithm, our DAM software has a unique filter function that helps you find items in seconds. Our DAM software can even search by colour, focal length, whether the picture is a portrait or not, etc.
  4. Share: It’s a waste if your beautiful work is never seen. You can easily share your work with clients or other professionals. You decide who has access and which rights. If you work with others, you decide who can upload, edit, download, write, etc. It’s a strong collaboration tool, but our DAM software is also great for sharing with your clients and partners.
  5. Export: Of course you can export with our DAM software. You decide the format, size, whether or not to add a watermark, etc. 
  6. Presentation: Your work alone is amazing enough. But we’ve added options for presentation so when you share your work, they’re not just separate photos, they’re an amazing gallery.

And you know what? There’s even more! But we’d like to keep it a secret until you try it out, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

How expensive is a Digital Asset Management software?

Expensive? Not at all! We’ve got a free forever option so you can try out our Digital Asset Management software. You should first see what you get right? You can upgrade to a paid plan only if you need it. You’ll always have a lot of the advantages we just described. Starting from our cheapest paid plan, you’ll have all the functionalities and we keep periodically adding. 

How is that for a Digital Asset Management software? Sounds like a good deal right? Why don’t you try it out? You can start your free plan within minutes and we will never ask you to start paying, unless you decide to upgrade.

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