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Admit: you browse different folders every day, looking for photos that you have ever downloaded for a customer. Or even worse: you have to comb your mailbox to find the photo that a client sent.

Do these quests take time?

Is that necessary?

With Gaia’s Digital Asset Management software, this process becomes a lot easier.

Always the right tool

As an online marketing agency you have software for everything. You have tools for project management, for making analyzes and reports, for performing SEO work, for internal and external communication: you do everything to optimize your workflows and handy software helps you with that.

But what about managing all the media that you manage for customers? Photos that you need for creating web pages, infographics that you need for a social media campaign or banner sets for an advertising campaign? You need a DAM software.

Dropbox and Google Drive

Many online marketing agencies use Dropbox, Google Drive or another file sync solution. You can easily store reports, quotes, contracts and other important documents there, so that you can easily find it again. But if you also use these solutions for storing media, then a considerable improvement can be made. Discover the benefits of Digital Asset Management software.

DAM software for online marketing agencies

In a DAM software you put all your content files in one location in the cloud. You and your colleagues have access to all these files always and everywhere: logos, photos, videos, banners, etc. This saves you a lot of valuable time and makes it much easier to set up campaigns.

Save all your images in one central location

As an employee of an online marketing agency you work on different assignments every day. Updating a website, setting up a remarketing campaign, creating a social media post: for many tasks you need content. You save time by storing all content centrally in 1 place. Thinking about the question “where did I store that photo again” is a thing of the past.

With Gaia you have a central repository where you organize all your visual material. Create a policy that tells every employee to save all the images of clients in Gaia. Do you receive traffic jams via wet transfer? Upload in Gaia. Do you receive a photo as an e-mail attachment? Upload in Gaia. That way it is always clear: all images can be found in Gaia.

Find search files

You can find a file in Gaia in different ways. A DAM software gives structure and flexibility and makes your work a lot easier.

Folder structure

First of all you can create a folder structure. You can of course determine this yourself and adjust it at any time. A logical layout for a directory structure of an online marketing agency is:

  • Internal
    • Team
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Etc.
  • Projects
    • Project A
      • Corporate identity
      • Website
      • Social
      • Other
    • Project B
      • Corporate identity
      • Website
      • Social
      • Other
      • Etc.

You can, of course, set up the folder structure completely the way you want.


You can also choose to place all files in the root (main directory). This makes your root less clear, but there is a solution to find your file: tags.

By providing each file with 1 or more tags, you can easily find files. If you are going to work this way, set a policy in which you determine how tags should be set. This also keeps it clear for larger teams. The guideline can look like this:

  • Files internal> Tag “Internal”
  • Files customers> Tag “[customer name]”
  • Logos> Tag “Logo”
  • Photos for website> Tag “Website”
  • Etc. 

Finding a customer’s logo is now very simple: type the words [customer name] + ‘logo’ and voila.

Read everything about the use of tags in this article.

Combination of folders and tags

But wait … who says it’s “of-or”? Within Gaia you can easily combine the use of folders with tags. And in practice this is the most common and most convenient method.

You create a folder structure and use tags. This way you can always find your file, even if you have used the wrong tags or put files in the wrong folder.


Do you often need certain files, or do you just want to look at your own photo often? Mark it as a favorite and it will appear in the “Favorites” section. That way you are always 1 mouse click away from your favorite file.

Collaborate with a DAM software

At an online marketing agency it’s all about collaboration. You work on behalf of a customer and you have a number of stakeholders for each project. Photographers, colleagues, contacts at the customer; chances are that you regularly have to exchange files with them. Gaia has a solution for this: file sharing.

You can see it as an alternative to Wetransfer, for example. A better alternative.

Request files

Instead of sending Wetransfer links back and forth, you give a photographer or external specialist access to a specific folder. Files can be uploaded here, so that they are directly in the correct folder. No more downloads, no emails with attachments: the right file in the right folder.

Please note: this function is only available in paid subscriptions (from € 9 per month).

Share files

Do you want to share a file or folder? Here, too, you save time: in a few clicks you share a file or folder and indicate how that should be done. As a download or as a gallery, in which extension, with which resolution; you are the boss.

Save > Find > Collaborate

So there is a solution for online marketing agencies that are struggling with image management: Gaia. An online tool with super-fast loading time, user-friendly interface and moreover: a free version. For exactly € 0 per month you have 5 GB of storage and you can work with two users to save, find and share your images. Do you have a larger team and do you want to get started right away? For € 9 per month you have 100 GB of storage and nice extra functions, such as batch resizing and watermark tool.

Ready to get started? Start here.

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