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You probably recognize it: struggling with finding, editing and formatting your product photos. Where did you store it? Why doesn’t my webshop support this extension? Why does my product page become so slow when I use this product photo? How do I retrieve photos from this crashed drive? You need a DAM system for your webstore.

You’ve got different types of media for your webshop. Product photos, promotion materials, stickers, etc. You try to organize this media efficiently. Do you sort everything per product? Or do you differentiate based on a type of media? Where do you store general media for your website? How do you classify media for temporary promotions? 

A Digital Asset Management software helps you with all of that.

A DAM system for your productphotos

Running your webshop takes a lot more time than many people realize. However, efficiency is key. If you’re not a professional with photos, editing, storage, etc. It’s a good idea to use an online Digital Asset Management software. You’ll have all your data in one place, it’s easy to organize and there are lots of features to work with.

With DAM software, it’s easy to collaborate with partners like a marketing agency, supplier, your own employees, etc. Via links, it’s easy to share media and you can easily assign roles and rights. You won’t have to struggle with Dropbox, WeTransfer, crashed drives, etc. A DAM system makes your processes a lot easier!

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Benefits of an online Digital Asset Management software

Using a DAM system adds a lot of efficiency in organizing your media. Gaia has a strong algorithm that helps you find product photos in seconds. You can look for color, tags, name, close-up, type of media, etc. 

Gaia also offers functionalities for tailoring your product photos. Export product photos in any format, so your webshop will always support your photos. Select the size, so your product photos won’t be bigger than necessary. Save storage on your webshop and enjoy the speed of your product pages. Easily collaborate and share media with others, e.g. your web developer, marketer, etc. A DAM system makes running your webshop a lot easier and provides lots of flexibility.

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Listing the benefits of DAM software

1. Never lose any media-file again

Aside from the great functionalities and benefits of Gaia, Gaia also offers great safety. Instead of storing your media offline and having to deal with crashed drives, data loss, incomprehensible organizing structures, employees that forget to store media in shared folders, etc. you get full safety and efficiency.

2. A DAM system is safe

Gaia is always accessible, we’ve always got a live backup of our DAM system in case something happens. You won’t lose data. That’s our promise.

3. Structure

Also, no files are lost due to a lack of structure. The tagging and organizing possibilities in Gaia are limitless. Are you looking for a photo of a car in the rain on a field of grass with mountains in the background during a sunset? Search for the tags *car *rain *grass *mountain *sunset and you’ll find it in no time. Because you gave these tags to this picture when you uploaded it in Gaia!

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4. Create galleries

Gaia has great options to create galleries. This way, your work won’t stay hidden on your own device. You have a new promotion video? Or do you want to present an attractive slideshow? Create a gallery and share it with your partners and clients.

5. DAM software is always up-to-date

The greatest benefit of Digital Asset Management software is the periodic update. We periodically update our Digital Asset Management software and add new features to improve the way you work. You won’t have to buy new Digital Asset M


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