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They are indispensable on Social Media: tags. Or rather: hashtags. Whatever you are looking for on Instagram, go to ‘search’, choose your hashtag and there it is: everything you need to know! Tagging is the functionality you need.

At Gaia we found working with tags so useful that we built it into the software. Are you curious how it works and how you can maximize the use of tags? Read on quick!

When uploading files you can determine how you want to organize them. In a specific folder, or just in the root, the main folder.

Our advice is: create a global folder structure. For example per event, per website, per campaign, per client, per department, etc. This gives you a global overview of all the content you have. But don’t go too far here. For example, if you create a folder for every web page in which you only store 3 photos, you are over-organizing. In that situation it is more convenient to start tagging.


What is a tagging system?

A tag is a type of label that you can add to a file. You can add multiple tags to a file so that you can find it easily and quickly through the Gaia search function.

Let’s look at some examples.

Suppose you have organized a customer event under the name “Company Summer Party” that consisted of a workshop, barbecue and drinks. Afterwards you want to use the photos for social media and you want to send the attendees a photo that they themselves are on.

How do you approach this?

First of all: create a folder in Gaia with the name Company Summer Party 2019 and put the photos in it. Select all photos and enter the tag #companysummerparty. If required, also add the tag with the year.

Then you use the multi-select option and select all the photos from the workshop. You tag these photos with #workshop.

These photos now have two (or 3) tags:

  • #companysummerparty
  • #workshop
  • And possibly: #2019

Repeat this step for the barbecue and drinks.

Then select photos that belong together for a different reason. For example:

  • All photos with Customer A in the picture> #clienta
  • All photos with the DJ in the picture> #dj (name)
  • Etc.

You can be as specific as you want. You can add tags with #laugh, #food, #wine, #speech, etc.

This way you can easily find the visual material by entering a number of keywords in Gaia’s search field.

#companysummerparty #bar Barbecue #clienta gives you all the photos and videos of (employees) of Client A that were shown during the barbecue of the event.

Make a tagging taxonomy

If you use Gaia with a team, it is wise to set up a policy for tagging. Make an overview of the types of tags that you want to use. You also call this a tagging taxonomy; the science of classification, a way of organizing through groups. You can determine these taxonomies yourself, but a number of commonly used ones are:

  • Location: office, garden
  • Color: blue, orange
  • Product: bicycle, cap
  • Names: Andrew, Sanne
  • Medium: website, instagram
  • Type: photo, video

As mentioned before, you can determine the taxonomy yourself. Make sure that all users are aware of these tags and make agreements about language use (everything in Dutch or English, no abbreviations, etc.). 

Happy tagging!

Can’t wait to bring order to the chaos? Start your account at Gaia today and create your first folders and tags. We look forward to seeing you on our platform!

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